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Patterns that Evoke

Things aren't always what they seem

The brain, mind, soul searches for patterns

Patterns that EVOKE* familiarity, security

A deja vu

We want to relate, process, understand

But sometimes we just can't

We are presented daily with asinine creative fiction how to decipher truth, meaning, challenging belief systems.


This vessel is not an ancient find.

Structure is layers of canvas and shredded documents

Surface pattern is dyed embroidered used coffee filter papers (coffee filters gifted from @joshmorrisdesign with insets of printed Hungarian text gifted from my fiend and artist @robynkinsela

Happy birthday dear @laurajankelsonpottery ❤️

Looking forward to having a real life meet with @sarah_grace_dye this week

With Gill Cohn

And finally got to meet my insta buddy author Naomi Pollock @sweathesmallstuff and artist @davidsneider. Insta at its best, connecting communities. What a blessed week!

Coffee and hopefully a swim

Sydney is great in summer.

*more info to come on EVOKE, group show


March 10

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