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Ruth Levine FDIA



June 2018


Ruth Levine is a Sydney based mixed media and textile artist who is driven by the exploration of textures and the perception and tactile responses of 3D artwork through the visual transformation of materials.

She is also known as the award-winning interior designer and Director of Ruth Levine Interior Design with over 30 years experience in the world of interior design, Ruth has now translated her love for textures, fabric and form into sculptural and usable artwork.  The artworks exemplify Ruth’s design philosophy of balancing the smooth, sleek and perfect with handmade pieces to give the home a sense of history + heart and her work is internationally collected.

Ruth’s work has been represented at:

.  ‘2 Artists + A Chef: A visual feast’, a joint exhibition with painter, Juliet Holmes a Court, interpreting     

    the culinary artistry of Chef, James Viles (Biota), Sturt Gallery, Mittagong NSW Sept-Nov 2018

.  ‘Trembling Man- 2 Artists and a Poet’, a joint exhibition with painter Juliet Holmes a Court and                   poet, Paolo Totaro OM, the Palm House, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney July 2017

.  ‘Collections’, Spence and Lyda, Sydney – 2017 +2018 +2019

.  ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ a joint exhibition with Dr Terri Brooks, Fanuli, Melbourne  2016

. ‘Art Hop’ Sydney 2014, 2015, 2016,2019

. ‘Textures, Textiles + Touch’ exhibition, Spence and Lyda, Sydney  2014

. ‘Alter Aalto’ Bowl published in The Art of Textiles by Mary Schoeser, Thames+ Hudson released     

   worldwide in three languages 2012

. ‘The Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize’: ‘Layered bowl’ selected for this prestigious exhibition 2011

. ‘Ode to King Billy’ (Totems) was judged as Outstanding in Fibre Design for Australia and New Zealand     in 2010 by a panel of four judges brought together by Dragon Design + TAFTA


  Spence & Lyda

  The Australian Forum for Textile Artists :




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