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Urban trees - (Totems)

In primary school we had pen pals:

Real ink on real paper in an envelope posted in a real red letterbox.

Do you remember the excitement of receiving a real letter?

The postman's whistle, the click of the metal lid of the letterbox. You've got Real mail!

Insta has become my letterbox with a wonderful art community.

On Friday, my 'postie's' (Nb being Australian, we shorten or change names)

Moment, was welcoming the extraordinary @sarah_grace_dye ('look out for a red ponytail' ) and my newbie insta friend, the talented Tara

Sarah from Frankfurt and Tara.axford from across the harbour in Manly.

A visit to my 'other home'

Conversation enriched with common love of texture, art, techniques, materials.

Culture Friday. Insta becomes real.

Urban trees will return to the country.

10th March. More to follow.


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