artwork portfolio  (Sold)



Reach out
HK Message in a bottle.  260h   paper
Paper bark tea vessel
Beneath the pines
Ode to the Feijoa
Cup of Paperbark
Concrete and graffiti
sold Lillian  vessel
sold Ferg Hilldovan vessel
Sold  Giant Chawan
Lacroix sweetie vessel
Sold     Paper bark vessel
Sold   Paper nests small and medium
Earthly delight 02 300h x 460diam
09 Standing cherry 02
08 Earthly delight 01 (shredded)
05 Sustenance (1-5)
02 Vessels of nourished joy 01. 2
03 Platter of plenty
02 vessels of nourished joy 03.1
The question JPG (2)
04 Mum's Roses group shot
04 Mum's roses, golden throne
04 Mum's white rose
My Precious (large platter) 110h x 100
Mini totem
mini totem
Eternal damnation (4)
1 to 1  We stood as trees and gathered
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